✧ gift-giving guide ✧


Want to give your friend a gift, but you’re stumped on what they want? Maybe the stars can help you out. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift and you want to use astrology, here’s some things you can consider on your friend’s natal chart. Just wanted to make this post before the holiday season.

  1. Dominant Planet – A individual’s dominant planet is arguably the most important planet on their chart. Sure, there’s other planets that can influence an individual, but a person’s dominant planet does a good job of generally defining and giving some a good picture of what they’re like. Knowing their dominant planet and archetype can help you determine what they want. Remember to also look at their aspects! Example: If your friend’s dominant planet is a Capricorn Moon in the 10th House, perhaps your friend wants a gift that will be emotionally stimulating, but also practical and useful for their career.
  2. Dominant House – Just like a dominant planet, an individual’s dominant house will show where the person is most likely going to utilize any gifts they receive. Knowing which House is their dominant House can be very helpful since the ruler of that House gives you a vibe of what they exactly want, and knowing where an individual is most likely to use their gift can help narrow down what you want to get for them. Be sure to check for planets and aspects. Example: If your friend’s dominant House is the 5th House, your friend is most likely to use his/her gifts while they’re trying to channel their creativity or through their hobbies. Having a dominant 5th House in Pisces with Pluto for example can mean that a person will most likely want a gift that can help them channel their artistic, creative hobbies. But, due to Pluto they’ll also want a gift where they can truly master and investigate their hobbies and keep their passions a secret.
  3. Venus – Venus is not just the planet that shows our romantic tendencies, it’s also the planet that shows what we’re exactly attracted to. Check the sign, house, and important aspects being made to an individual’s Venus to get a good idea of what they’re attracted to. Example: If your friend’s Venus is in Aries in the 11th House, your friend is attracted to gifts that he/she can use on his/her own and give him/her instant gratification. He/she will most likely want a gift that can help him/her lead a group of friends or community.
  4. 2nd House – The 2nd House is commonly the house we look at when we want to see our spending habits. It would make logical sense that whatever you buy are things that you like. It would be a good idea to see if there’s any planets in the 2nd House and the aspects being made to it. Example: If your friend’s 2nd House is ruled by Libra and it has Uranus in it with a conjunction to Jupiter, your friend probably likes to buy things that are used to be aesthetically pleasing like makeup. However, with Uranus making a conjunction to Jupiter, your friend could buy exaggeratedly strange makeup or buy her makeup unpredictably and perhaps excessively due to Jupiter.

Those are just a few indicators and ideas on what you could buy for your friend, if you’re stumped on gift giving. If you’re wondering why I didn’t list other planets that could be important (especially Sun and Moon) it’s because I decided to lump them into the dominant planet category to make this post more concise.

Hopefully after reading this post, you’ll know exactly what to get! Good luck!


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