So in astrology, the 11th House represents your friends and community, and the 1st House represents yourself. The 4th House represents your family. It’s almost like astrology has something to say about the various types of people we encounter in life.

So where the hell are your enemies?

Information about your enemies can be found in the 7th and 12th House.

7th House – For the sake of understanding, many people like to mention that the 7th House is the house of relationships, and nowadays, relationships usually have a romantic connotation that comes with it. While it’s very true that the 7th House can show information about our more committed relationships, The 7th House actually rules over more than just romantic relationships, and enemies are included. The enemies in the 7th House are the people you meet at first, either thinking they’re great but in the end, you can’t stand them. In other words, these people are your open enemies. You know these people don’t work well with you. Looking into the sign that rules the 7th House and the planets in it can give you insight about your open enemies. It’s also important to note that the Descendant is the cusp of the 7th House. The Descendant is the opposite of your Ascendant, which is YOU. Oppositions can cause attraction, but problems which can manifest in many relationships, hence the 7th House, the House of romantic all relationships.

12th House – If the Descendant is across from your Ascendant, in full view for you to see, then the 12th House rules your secret enemies since it is behind your Ascendant, in other words, you. These are the people you don’t see sabotaging you. These are the people who will subconsciously hurt you. The 12th House is the house of secrets and the subconscious after all. These are the people you won’t know you clash with until it’s too late, or the people you clash with and you just don’t know why. Again, checking the sign at the cusp of the 12th House and the planets in the House will also give characteristics of your secret enemies.


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