Archetype Shorts: The Sides of Taurus


Taurus is beautiful in its strength and weaknesses.

People feel that boredom is inevitable when you strive for too much stability and comfort, which is what Taurus represents. People fear that a lack of variety means a lack of fun. However, it’s ironic that people say this, yet will strive to have the comfortable, beautiful, and stable life Taurus represents. Why else would the majority of society strive to look beautiful and have a steady income?

Taurus is beautiful because it is the sign that rules the physical senses. They are sensitive to sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. Due to this sensitivity, they know exactly how to charm the senses and attract others. They are the feminine expression of Venus. Unlike Libra, who will charm people externally by socializing, Taurus will internally charm people by satisfying their inner senses. Taurus is skilled in feeling good, and they’ll make sure to make you feel good also. This is the beautiful, positive, and sensual side of Taurus everybody strives to be.

Of course, life is more than just feeling good. Life is more than just being stuck in your comfort zone. Life is more than just feeling beautiful. Sure, Taurus is skilled in satisfying the five senses, since it is an Earth sign that is adept with working with the physical world and physical senses. However, there are many senses that are not physically present, and these are the senses Taurus can’t reach.

This is why people get bored of staying in the comfort zone even though they worked so hard to get there. This is why people feel empty when they can only feel beautiful and nothing else. This is why people feel that money can’t buy genuine happiness. This is the shallow, negative, and suffocating side of Taurus everybody dreads to be.


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