The Neutrality of Mars


Mars is a neutral planet. It is the planet that represents energy, which is neutral. The passion and energy that is in Mars can go in any direction, depending on the individual. However, with Aries and Scorpio ruled by Mars, the natural tendency for energy can be volatile, aggressive, and passionate.

While the direction of energy is neutral until the individual acts on it, Aries and Scorpio shows that energy is not always so easy to control. Aries represents how we can use energy to assert ourselves on the outside while Scorpio represents how we can use energy to empower ourselves on the inside.

This leads to the explanation that anger, an expression commonly associated with Mars, is a neutral emotion that’s been given a bad reputation due to the difficulty of controlling it. Anger is not bad until you use it badly. This is why some people can use anger to construct their success but also why some people use danger to destroy their surroundings.

With this neutral principle in mind, both Aries and Libra at this point can be considered neutral signs. Their neutrality is expressed in different ways, which implies that neutrality is not a singular concept. Neutrality is truly subjective. The neutrality that stems from Aries is the neutrality created by the self while the neutrality that stems from Libra is neutrality created by the surroundings.


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