Theory: Cardinal Signs and Time


I think it’s really interesting that the 1st House, which represents you, is square to the 4th and 10th House. The 4th House and the 10th House can represent the past and the future. Planets in the 1st can be square to planets in the 4th and 10th House… Planets in the 4th can be geared towards the past or your upbringing while planets in the 10th House can be geared towards your ideal future and goals.

I wonder if it implies that both the past and future can hold you back from being truly yourself. After all, the past and future you are not completely you. Perhaps planets in the 4th House can hold you back in the past while planets in the 10th House can push you to become someone you’re not entirely sure of.

Cancer and Capricorn are both sister signs in the sense that they’re both limiting and restrictive in different ways. Cancer is restrictive with the past in mind while Capricorn is restrictive with the future in mind. Cancer represents the past, for clinging onto familiarity grants emotional safety. Capricorn represents the future, for clinging onto practical ambition grants success. However, emotional safety and success are constantly changing. It’s almost as if these things are impossible to successfully grasp… unless you focus on the present. Focusing too strongly on the past or future can blind you, for you don’t see the whole picture… Even focusing too strongly on the present doesn’t provide the whole picture. Perhaps balancing between seeing the past, present, and future is the way to see everything.

However, this balance is hard to achieve, if not impossible. If Aries and Libra represented the present, then there’s already issues. Both Aries and Libra are square to Capricorn and Cancer. There is a disharmonious block between the present, future, and past. We can probably never see the complete picture, but healthily focusing on each one can help us see a clearer perspective of things.

The past, present, and future are destinations that can help us progress to be better. However, they are never destinations we should never invest into too long because the past, present, and future are too dynamic for establishment. After all, staying too long can again, blind us from seeing what’s really in front of us. The past, present, and future are places to create, reflect, and predict. All of these words are connected to initiation, which is what the cardinal signs, the signs that rule over states of time, represent.


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