Air: Contained Chaos


Air is dynamic, but controlled. We have an atmosphere that is kept on Earth due to gravity. Without gravity, without any sense of containment, the atmosphere can’t be kept, and the Earth will be very vulnerable to foreign objects in space. Our atmosphere is a blanket of protection, and the air signs in astrology can serve to dynamically protect us, but they are also kept under control. The air signs represents contained chaos.

Gemini is dynamic through speech, thought, and logical intelligence. We all have the freedom to speak and think what we want, but we have restrictions. We are restricted by the languages we speak, and the physical limits of our brains. We all have the opportunity to be logically intelligent, but through early school (ruled by the 3rd House, naturally ruled by Gemini) the logical intelligence is often unintentionally limited and categorized by school subjects.

Libra is dynamic through romance, social interactions, and justice. We all have the freedom to love and talk to whoever we want and have our own sense of justice and fairness. However, we are restricted by social cues and norms. There’s only a few charm techniques that societally pass and during interactions, we have to be careful of social cues like body language and tone of voice. Our sense of fairness and justice can often be influenced by the society we live in.

Aquarius is dynamic through innovations and higher, progressive thinking. We all have the opportunity to save the world with our out-of-the-box ideas, but those ideas are limited by a practical reality created by a practical, restrictive society. We all have the opportunity to present our innovations and technology to help the world, but ironically, the world, the biggest community in the world, can stop us from progressing.

Although the air signs in this sense are restricted to where their full potentials can’t come out, it’s essential that the air signs are contained. Although society cages the dynamic potential of the air signs, it is also the nurturer. The restrictions brought on by society motivates the air signs to keep on thinking, talking, and changing. The restrictions from society in this sense keeps the air signs alive. If there were no bounds, there would be no need for change, which is what the air signs are all about.


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