The Contradiction of the Subconscious


It’s often said that prisons and hospitals are represented by the 12th House. It can be said that prisons and hospitals are physical representations of the subconscious, since the subconscious is also represented by the 12th House. Prisoners and patients are often bound to the buildings due to powerful and binding obligations. These obligations can often feel suffocating to the point where many people try their best not to stay for too long. However, even though prisoners and patients are trapped in a single, restrictive building, they are free from the direct brutality of social norms. It’s almost as if a hospital or jail is another different world.

The 12th House can be hard to understand because it is simultaneously free, but restricting at the same time. Those with planets in the 12th often feel trapped, but at the same time, they may or may not have the knowledge that they have a very strong energy that can either make them or break them. Whether this energy helps or breaks them often depends on how the energy is managed… and managing this energy can be difficult at first.

With the subconscious, people are free, yet trapped at the same time. You are free to think whatever you want in your head without facing consequences from the world, but at the same time, that freedom is limited, for it can be hard to externally channel whatever lies in your subconscious. The limited nature of the subconscious comes from self-unawareness and the existence of the conscious.

There are at least two times when the subconscious emerges onto the surface: when the natives brings with out with self-awareness, or when the native is out of control to the point where the conscious is unstable. If the release of the subconscious is made with self-awareness, the release can be controlled and manageable. However, if the subconscious is released due to a lack of awareness or control, the subconscious can often slip through sneakily, or extremely. It’s like the prisoner sneaking out of prison, or the prisoner that decides to break through security with immense anger (that can bring a lack of control) so that it can escape by force.

The subconscious is a prison that has limits on the outside, but none on the inside. It is the prison where your inner self has the imagination and opportunity to become something truly beautiful or something truly terrible. Either way, the self that is imprisoned in the subconscious is something the world isn’t prepared for.


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