Cage of Saturn


Saturn is a cage and Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn are stuck in it. Libra is exalted in Saturn while Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn. For these three signs, structure can serve as two things. It can either be a place of comfort and familiarity, or a place of suffocating restriction. In this sense, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius have to learn how to break themselves free, but at the same time, not trap themselves by creating their own personal cages.

Libra gains freedom from the cage by finding a relationship where they can genuinely express themselves without worrying about social norms and expectations. They’ve seen plenty of social situations to the point where they are skilled at communicating the right words and showing the proper gestures. Social norms and expectations is the cage Libra is trapped in. The struggle that Libra can fall into is creating idealistic expectations in their own relationships to where they can’t be themselves. Libra doesn’t just need relationships and harmony, they need intimate, strong relationships that will free them from stifled self-expression. The driving force for Libra is peace.

Capricorn gains freedom from the cage by deciding to create their own structure through their own successes, rather than what is collectively known as success. They’ve seen plenty of what the world is like to the point where they know the mechanisms of how it works on a tangible, physical plane. The practicality, reality, and physical limits of the world is what restricts Capricorn. However, the struggle Capricorn can fall into is being too stuck in their own practical ways to the point where they restrict themselves when the original intention was to enhance and utilize their skills for the better. Capricorn doesn’t need just success, they need a success that truly utilizes their skills and what they seek from the world. The driving force for Capricorn is ambition.

Aquarius gains freedom from the cage by deciding to revolutionize and deconstruct societal norms that will not only be helpful for themselves, but for everyone else. They’ve seen plenty of how the world changes and stabilizes to the point where they know exactly what changes to make in the world and where. The community and societal resistance to change is what restricts Aquarius. However, the struggle Aquarius can fall into is being too stuck in their own ideas of revolution and change to the point where they impose their own definition of change rather than realizing that change has many different definitions that can help the community. Aquarius doesn’t need just change, they need a change that is not only true for them, but for the community. The driving force for Aquarius is novelty.


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