About the Blogger

Hello! First of all, welcome to my blog. I’m glad that you’re visiting. Here’s a little bit about me.

My name is Alexis and I am currently a sophomore in college, studying biology to get a career as either a high school biology teacher or a psychiatrist. I am an Aries Sun, Libra Moon, and Libra Rising. I first started to have an interest in astrology when I was amused with all the cute astrology memes on Tumblr, and then being repeatedly shocked with the accuracy astrology gave me. Since then, I’ve delved deeper, putting myself in a spot I would have never imagined.

Astrology is now a truly passionate habit of mine. I very much enjoy observing people and connecting them to the twelve beautiful archetypes known as the signs. I enjoy discovering bits of myself and others that I’ve never seen before. Although I’ve only been studying for a very short time, I can definitely say that astrology is definitely a beautiful practice. I love reading books, watching videos, and talking to other astrologers about the subject, and I am always up for learning something new.

When I’m not doing astrology, I’m usually playing video games, trying out new places to eat, and wasting my time on my Internet.