Birth Chart Readings

Effective from 2/13/17 onwards!

Hi guys! So if you guys didn’t know, I also offer full birth chart readings. If you’re looking for answers about yourself, or to other people, maybe a birth chart reading is the way to go! Before I state what I offer, I can offer my readings in several ways:

  1. I can type up your whole reading on a Google Doc.
  2. RECOMMENDED: I can record a video, with a complimentary bullet pointed reading to accompany the video.

NOTE: Video readings will always be prioritized before written readings, even if the written reading was ordered first. Video readings are not only recommended, but are quicker and easier to complete compared to written readings. Synthesizing is also significantly easier on video readings so you actually get a better deal.

I also offer several types of readings:

  • A: The most basic birth chart reading. Interpretation of only personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and their house placements. Approximately 5-10 pages for $10.00
  • B: An intermediate birth chart reading. Interpretation of all planets, houses, and planet in-house placements. Approximately 10-15 pages for $20.00.
  • C: Full birth chart reading. Interpretation of all planets, houses, aspects, and dominant modes and elements. Approximately 20+ pages for $35.00
  • D: A reading that is emphasized on any subject you like. Love, career, family, whatever. Minimum price is $10.00
  • E : Basic synastry reading. Includes only aspects between you and a partner. Approximately 5-10 pages for $10.00
  • F: Q&A session. Ask me any questions you have about your chart and I’ll try my best to answer! Can only be done through video, Skype, or a messenger app. 50 cents per minute and session starts the moment you ask a question!
  • G (New!): Full synastry reading! Includes aspects, chart overlays to all planets, and quick platonic/romantic analysis between you and a partner. Approximately 20+ pages for $40.00
  • H (New!): Solar return reading! Includes an interpretation for Houses, planets, and key aspects for the year in comparison to your natal chart! Approximately 5-10 pages for $10.00
  • I (New!): Mini birth chart reading! – A deep analysis on a few placements and how it relates to the rest of your chart. The cost is subjective. Check terms and conditions for more information.

I also cover some additional items that are not included in the readings:

  • Stellium: $4.00 each
  • Yods (New!): $5.00 each
  • Grand Trines (New!): $3.00 each
  • Interceptions: $1.00 each (example: Aries-Libra interception counts as 1 interception)
  • Q&A Page answering specific questions about your chart: $1.00 per question
  • North/South Node: $1.00
  • Express fee (New!): Too impatient to wait for your chart reading? Receive your chart reading within a week for an extra $30.00

If you’d like a reading, please fill out this order form and I will email you. I do not accept anything outside this order form so please fill it out!

I only accept Paypal and Venmo in terms of payment.

If you would like to see samples of the readings, please privately message me or email me at

*Note: I will put lengths of video readings once I get enough orders. A video reading for chart reading B lasts on average for 1 hour.

Terms and Conditions

  1. No refunds. Make sure you get the right birth information the first time.
  2. No trades.
  3. I will email you to confirm the price of your reading after you complete an order form. This usually takes 1-3 days. I will not only confirm what you ordered + the price, but I will also analyze your chart (free of charge) to see what I can analyze in your chart. This is to help confirm pricing and see what you specifically have in your chart. I will immediately delete your order if I do not get a response within 72 hours.
  4. You are not obligated to pay for any additional features, even if you have them in your chart. However, it can strongly affect your chart reading. (Example: Not ordering an interception reading when you have one can result in awkward loopholes.)
  5. Written readings will approximately take 3-6 weeks to complete, especially if it’s a longer reading. Video readings will approximately take 2-4 weeks.
  6. Readings will not start until payment is made. If you are ordering a Q&A session, you must specify approximately how many minutes the session will last if cost is very important to you.
  7. In regards to the mini birth chart readings, the customer must email or contact me to discuss the details and the price of the mini birth chart readings. This is to ensure a clear, concise understanding of what will be specifically read in the reading. This will replace the email confirmation mentioned in #2.
  8. I have the complete right to refuse service to anyone.
  9. I will only accept order forms.
  10. Order forms do not accept the terms and conditions will not be accepted.