Cage of Saturn


Saturn is a cage and Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn are stuck in it. Libra is exalted in Saturn while Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn. For these three signs, structure can serve as two things. It can either be a place of comfort and familiarity, or a place of suffocating restriction. In this sense, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius have to learn how to break themselves free, but at the same time, not trap themselves by creating their own personal cages.

Libra gains freedom from the cage by finding a relationship where they can genuinely express themselves without worrying about social norms and expectations. They’ve seen plenty of social situations to the point where they are skilled at communicating the right words and showing the proper gestures. Social norms and expectations is the cage Libra is trapped in. The struggle that Libra can fall into is creating idealistic expectations in their own relationships to where they can’t be themselves. Libra doesn’t just need relationships and harmony, they need intimate, strong relationships that will free them from stifled self-expression. The driving force for Libra is peace.

Capricorn gains freedom from the cage by deciding to create their own structure through their own successes, rather than what is collectively known as success. They’ve seen plenty of what the world is like to the point where they know the mechanisms of how it works on a tangible, physical plane. The practicality, reality, and physical limits of the world is what restricts Capricorn. However, the struggle Capricorn can fall into is being too stuck in their own practical ways to the point where they restrict themselves when the original intention was to enhance and utilize their skills for the better. Capricorn doesn’t need just success, they need a success that truly utilizes their skills and what they seek from the world. The driving force for Capricorn is ambition.

Aquarius gains freedom from the cage by deciding to revolutionize and deconstruct societal norms that will not only be helpful for themselves, but for everyone else. They’ve seen plenty of how the world changes and stabilizes to the point where they know exactly what changes to make in the world and where. The community and societal resistance to change is what restricts Aquarius. However, the struggle Aquarius can fall into is being too stuck in their own ideas of revolution and change to the point where they impose their own definition of change rather than realizing that change has many different definitions that can help the community. Aquarius doesn’t need just change, they need a change that is not only true for them, but for the community. The driving force for Aquarius is novelty.



Infinite stability is impossible. The Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) represents stability and life. Stability is simultaneously strong, yet fragile… just like life itself. It looks so strong due to its seemingly unbreakable structure, yet at the same time, one little change can break it all apart.

A negative outcome of Earth energy is investing and working with the mindset that stability is infinite. The mindset is restrictive and narrow. Life in itself is full of mystery, and a lot of it can’t be categorized and organized into convenient little packages for our want of safety. Change is inevitable.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can easily burn the foundations of Earth down to the ground. Forest fires are devastating, for it is destruction of an entire ecosystem, an organized, but delicate system of life. It takes a lot of work through succession for ecosystems to be established. However, fire can break down leaves and other items in the forest, replenishing the soil with nutrients they couldn’t get before. With destruction comes an opportunity to restart with something better… With breaking down stability, there is a chance on doing things better than before. The fire signs can show that volatility and passion, if applied well, can change stability for the better.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) has the power to erode the Earth over time, and to shape it. Water has the power to create canyons, destroy mountains and make other unique landscapes. With unique new structures brings life and new opportunities. Water itself brings life and depth to the stability Earth wants to have… It enhances the stability of the Earth by making it beautiful and fascinating. However, to get to that point, the Earth has to go through the fluctuating, free flow of emotions and intuition, and realize that beauty can often come from places that are not always seen physically. The water signs show that changes through emotions and intuition can enhance the state of stability for the better.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) provides protection for the Earth. The atmosphere is a blanket of protection. In order to protect yourself, you must educate yourself, learn the nuances of the world around you, and think constantly on how to make the world better. You must be constantly creating and destroying your mental preconceptions over and over again. Without an atmosphere, without air, the Earth is prone to be attacked by various comets and asteroids due to no protection… Without an atmosphere, life may cease to exist. The air signs show that changes through your mind and logic can help maintain and protect stability for the better.

Earth signs need to learn that stability can be ironically gained through change. Adaptability is a large part of what needs to be done to maintain stability. By feeling the disappearance and recovery of stability due to change, it will not only make the Earth signs stronger, but also appreciate stability on a deeper, fulfilling level.

The Neutrality of Mars


Mars is a neutral planet. It is the planet that represents energy, which is neutral. The passion and energy that is in Mars can go in any direction, depending on the individual. However, with Aries and Scorpio ruled by Mars, the natural tendency for energy can be volatile, aggressive, and passionate.

While the direction of energy is neutral until the individual acts on it, Aries and Scorpio shows that energy is not always so easy to control. Aries represents how we can use energy to assert ourselves on the outside while Scorpio represents how we can use energy to empower ourselves on the inside.

This leads to the explanation that anger, an expression commonly associated with Mars, is a neutral emotion that’s been given a bad reputation due to the difficulty of controlling it. Anger is not bad until you use it badly. This is why some people can use anger to construct their success but also why some people use danger to destroy their surroundings.

With this neutral principle in mind, both Aries and Libra at this point can be considered neutral signs. Their neutrality is expressed in different ways, which implies that neutrality is not a singular concept. Neutrality is truly subjective. The neutrality that stems from Aries is the neutrality created by the self while the neutrality that stems from Libra is neutrality created by the surroundings.

Scorpio: Why It’s a Fixed Sign

There’s a reason why Scorpio is a fixed sign, and there’s also reasons why people tend to question how Scorpio is fixed at all. Scorpio however, will always be a fixed sign.

The questioning usually starts due to the planets ruling Scorpio. When people think of the fixed modality, they tend to think of keeping something stable, calm, or static, which is the technical definition of being fixed. However, Scorpio shows that you don’t always have to try to be comfortable and safe to feel stable with yourself. Scorpio actually proposes the opposite: you can gain stability and fixation by being doing the counterintuitive – being volatile and extreme. It implies that sometimes, in order to be truly maintain stability, you must go out of the comfort zone to get it. This is explained through Mars traditionally ruling over Scorpio. Mars always presents an energetic, argumentative energy that goes against the nature of staying unchangeable. That’s why Scorpio is always seen to be a polarizing sign, but that’s not the only place where Scorpio’s extreme nature comes from.

Pluto is the other reason why people can question Scorpio’s fixed modality. Pluto represents transformations, which is an impactful change. When placed next to each other, what Pluto represents also contradicts with the fixed modality. It almost seems that Scorpio is too dynamic to be a fixed sign, when really, Scorpio uses change to maintain stability. You may ask why Scorpio would want to be stable in the first place.

Scorpio wants to be stable so that it can stabilize the inner chaos it has inside itself. After all, stability is the core principle that holds Taurus and Scorpio together as sister signs. Stability and control is what gives Scorpio’s seemingly dangerous volatile nature a sense of direction. Without the idea of stability, Scorpio would truly be a sign of disorganized chaos… But Scorpio is not. Scorpio represents organized chaos. After all, you never see a Scorpio lose its composure in public, since it is good at keeping a scarily calm demeanor. Scorpio will also fix itself on something powerful, but tangible to keep themselves together. This is why Scorpio is known to keep secrets.

The fact that Scorpio is also a water sign also explains its fixed modality. Emotions is the main medium used by the water signs, and emotions are quite fleeting, dynamic, unstable, and irrational at times. Naturally, emotions are preferably (but not always!) hidden for the water signs, and for Scorpio, it keeps its emotions hidden to keep itself in line.

Archetype Shorts: The Sides of Taurus


Taurus is beautiful in its strength and weaknesses.

People feel that boredom is inevitable when you strive for too much stability and comfort, which is what Taurus represents. People fear that a lack of variety means a lack of fun. However, it’s ironic that people say this, yet will strive to have the comfortable, beautiful, and stable life Taurus represents. Why else would the majority of society strive to look beautiful and have a steady income?

Taurus is beautiful because it is the sign that rules the physical senses. They are sensitive to sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. Due to this sensitivity, they know exactly how to charm the senses and attract others. They are the feminine expression of Venus. Unlike Libra, who will charm people externally by socializing, Taurus will internally charm people by satisfying their inner senses. Taurus is skilled in feeling good, and they’ll make sure to make you feel good also. This is the beautiful, positive, and sensual side of Taurus everybody strives to be.

Of course, life is more than just feeling good. Life is more than just being stuck in your comfort zone. Life is more than just feeling beautiful. Sure, Taurus is skilled in satisfying the five senses, since it is an Earth sign that is adept with working with the physical world and physical senses. However, there are many senses that are not physically present, and these are the senses Taurus can’t reach.

This is why people get bored of staying in the comfort zone even though they worked so hard to get there. This is why people feel empty when they can only feel beautiful and nothing else. This is why people feel that money can’t buy genuine happiness. This is the shallow, negative, and suffocating side of Taurus everybody dreads to be.

Charm: Venusian Manipulation


Charming is just a pretty version of manipulation. Charm is primarily found in Venus, and due to that, Taurus and Libra are quite charming. People tend to forget that they’re manipulative in an aesthetically pleasing sense. Neptune is also seen as the higher octave of Venus. Pisces is a mysteriously attractive sign with the ability to mesmerize and hypnotize others.

People usually criticize Scorpio first for being the manipulative sign, but Taurus, Libra, and Pisces both have manipulative connections that can be harder to see.

Taurus and Scorpio are sister signs and manipulation is a common theme for them even though the two signs do it in different ways. Scorpio is manipulative on an emotional aspect on abstract matters. Taurus is manipulative on a physical aspect on practical matters. The thing that ties these two signs together is the need for control.

Libra and Scorpio are neighboring signs and they both share a manipulating quality. The difference is that Libra will manipulate gently and superficially while Scorpio will take on a more aggressive, “uglier” approach in comparison to Libra.

Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs and are skilled in emotional manipulation. However, the difference lies in how they exactly do it. Due to Scorpio being ruled by Mars and Pluto, there is a combative, pessimistic feel to how they manipulate. However, with Pisces being ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, there is a free, optimistic feel to how they manipulate.