Water and Ice


In astrology, emotions is represented by water and it is the medium that the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) use to express themselves.

Water is one of the few substances where its solid form (ice) is less dense than its liquid form. This is why ice floats above water. The reason why ice is less dense than water is because the bonds between the water molecules are more loose. The bonds are not as strong.

Ice is usually tied to being very cold and restrictive in an archetypal sense. In many stories and movies, characters that are associated with ice often tend to hide their emotions until they feel safe enough to warm up to someone. Ice only looks “strong” because it is a solid. Ice, compared to water, looks more “put together” because they are able to maintain a shape rather than be defined by a container like liquid water. However, since ice floats above liquid water, it stays at the surface level. Those who put up emotional walls will only establish surface level connections because they can only create weak bonds with others.

Liquid water, which represents freely expressed emotions in this case, is different. Showing your emotions nowadays is seen to be an expression of weakness due to societal norms. Unlike ice, liquid water does not have a shape unless it is placed into a container. With no shape, it’s implied that liquid water lacks control, and with no control, you have no power. However, the bonds within liquid water is stronger. The bonds make liquid water denser, which will place them in the deeper level. Those who express their emotions freely can establish deep, fulfilling relationships because they can create strong bonds with others.

Emotions are a strong force. Emotions are indeed messy, for they can flow into difficult places and make things quite confusing, but it is not a weak force. It is represented by water, a substance that can rise as tsunamis, erode the tallest of mountains to a grain of sand, and create life. Emotions can melt a cold heart, spark rebellions, and most importantly, keep a person alive. Emotions are powerful.

Theory: Cardinal Signs and Time


I think it’s really interesting that the 1st House, which represents you, is square to the 4th and 10th House. The 4th House and the 10th House can represent the past and the future. Planets in the 1st can be square to planets in the 4th and 10th House… Planets in the 4th can be geared towards the past or your upbringing while planets in the 10th House can be geared towards your ideal future and goals.

I wonder if it implies that both the past and future can hold you back from being truly yourself. After all, the past and future you are not completely you. Perhaps planets in the 4th House can hold you back in the past while planets in the 10th House can push you to become someone you’re not entirely sure of.

Cancer and Capricorn are both sister signs in the sense that they’re both limiting and restrictive in different ways. Cancer is restrictive with the past in mind while Capricorn is restrictive with the future in mind. Cancer represents the past, for clinging onto familiarity grants emotional safety. Capricorn represents the future, for clinging onto practical ambition grants success. However, emotional safety and success are constantly changing. It’s almost as if these things are impossible to successfully grasp… unless you focus on the present. Focusing too strongly on the past or future can blind you, for you don’t see the whole picture… Even focusing too strongly on the present doesn’t provide the whole picture. Perhaps balancing between seeing the past, present, and future is the way to see everything.

However, this balance is hard to achieve, if not impossible. If Aries and Libra represented the present, then there’s already issues. Both Aries and Libra are square to Capricorn and Cancer. There is a disharmonious block between the present, future, and past. We can probably never see the complete picture, but healthily focusing on each one can help us see a clearer perspective of things.

The past, present, and future are destinations that can help us progress to be better. However, they are never destinations we should never invest into too long because the past, present, and future are too dynamic for establishment. After all, staying too long can again, blind us from seeing what’s really in front of us. The past, present, and future are places to create, reflect, and predict. All of these words are connected to initiation, which is what the cardinal signs, the signs that rule over states of time, represent.



Infinite stability is impossible. The Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) represents stability and life. Stability is simultaneously strong, yet fragile… just like life itself. It looks so strong due to its seemingly unbreakable structure, yet at the same time, one little change can break it all apart.

A negative outcome of Earth energy is investing and working with the mindset that stability is infinite. The mindset is restrictive and narrow. Life in itself is full of mystery, and a lot of it can’t be categorized and organized into convenient little packages for our want of safety. Change is inevitable.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can easily burn the foundations of Earth down to the ground. Forest fires are devastating, for it is destruction of an entire ecosystem, an organized, but delicate system of life. It takes a lot of work through succession for ecosystems to be established. However, fire can break down leaves and other items in the forest, replenishing the soil with nutrients they couldn’t get before. With destruction comes an opportunity to restart with something better… With breaking down stability, there is a chance on doing things better than before. The fire signs can show that volatility and passion, if applied well, can change stability for the better.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) has the power to erode the Earth over time, and to shape it. Water has the power to create canyons, destroy mountains and make other unique landscapes. With unique new structures brings life and new opportunities. Water itself brings life and depth to the stability Earth wants to have… It enhances the stability of the Earth by making it beautiful and fascinating. However, to get to that point, the Earth has to go through the fluctuating, free flow of emotions and intuition, and realize that beauty can often come from places that are not always seen physically. The water signs show that changes through emotions and intuition can enhance the state of stability for the better.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) provides protection for the Earth. The atmosphere is a blanket of protection. In order to protect yourself, you must educate yourself, learn the nuances of the world around you, and think constantly on how to make the world better. You must be constantly creating and destroying your mental preconceptions over and over again. Without an atmosphere, without air, the Earth is prone to be attacked by various comets and asteroids due to no protection… Without an atmosphere, life may cease to exist. The air signs show that changes through your mind and logic can help maintain and protect stability for the better.

Earth signs need to learn that stability can be ironically gained through change. Adaptability is a large part of what needs to be done to maintain stability. By feeling the disappearance and recovery of stability due to change, it will not only make the Earth signs stronger, but also appreciate stability on a deeper, fulfilling level.

“You want an award for that?”


Where Leo falls in your houses can show where you want validation from yourself and others. This can manifest in expressing yourself in a certain way, and then expecting others to praise you in return. Where your Sun is on your natal chart will show why you want that validation. Of course, aspects to the Sun would diversify the expression.

There’s nothing wrong with being validated or getting validation. Just remember that validation is given from the heart (the body part that Leo rules ironically,) not from obligation!

Leo Ruling the Houses

Leo ruling the 1st House: You want people to validate you when you act like yourself, whether it’s good or not.

Leo ruling the 2nd House: You want people to validate you when you treat yourself, whether it’s needed or not.

Leo ruling the 3rd House: You want people to validate you when you talk and share your thoughts, whether it’s needed or not.

Leo ruling the 4th House: You want your family members to validate you, whether you were helpful or not.

Leo ruling the 5th House: You want people to validate you for your hobbies, whether you’re good at them or not.

Leo ruling the 6th House: You want people to validate you for your everyday activities, whether it should be a given or not.

Leo ruling the 7th House: You want people to validate you when you talk to them one-on-one, whether they want to or not.

Leo ruling the 8th House: You want people to validate you when you reveal your secrets, whether they wanted to hear it or not.

Leo ruling the 9th House: You want people to validate you when you express your beliefs, whether they agree with you or not.

Leo ruling the 10th House: You want people to validate you in public, whether they want to or not.

Leo ruling the 11th House: You want people to validate you for being a good friend, whether you were a good friend or not.

Leo ruling the 12th House: You want people to validate you on things you are not aware of and/or hide, whether they know it or not.

Sun in the Houses

Sun in the 1st House: You want people to validate you because you believe that the validation will make you more aware of yourself.

Sun in the 2nd House: You want people to validate you because you believe that the validation will bring you confidence and security.

Sun in the 3rd House: You want people to validate you because the validation will make you smarter and more intelligent.

Sun in the 4th House: You want people to validate you so that your family will appreciate you and/or so that you get closure from the past.

Sun in the 5th House: You want people to validate you because you need that validation to help you drive your creativity, hobbies, and romantic relationships.

Sun in the 6th House: You want people to validate you so that you can use the validation to help you with your daily routine and everyday activities.

Sun in the 7th House: You want people to validate you so that it can help you accommodate to others and enhance your interactions with people.

Sun in the 8th House: You want people to validate you so that it may provide a chance for you to express something you’ve hidden so that you can be intimate with others.

Sun in the 9th House: You want people to validate you so that it can help you orient your beliefs and open your mind to the world.

Sun in the 10th House: You want people to validate you so that it can help you improve your public image and reputation.

Sun in the 11th House: You want people to validate you so that you can maintain a good status in your friend circle and community.

Sun in the 12th House: You want people to validate you because you believe it will help you find who you truly are.

The Neutrality of Mars


Mars is a neutral planet. It is the planet that represents energy, which is neutral. The passion and energy that is in Mars can go in any direction, depending on the individual. However, with Aries and Scorpio ruled by Mars, the natural tendency for energy can be volatile, aggressive, and passionate.

While the direction of energy is neutral until the individual acts on it, Aries and Scorpio shows that energy is not always so easy to control. Aries represents how we can use energy to assert ourselves on the outside while Scorpio represents how we can use energy to empower ourselves on the inside.

This leads to the explanation that anger, an expression commonly associated with Mars, is a neutral emotion that’s been given a bad reputation due to the difficulty of controlling it. Anger is not bad until you use it badly. This is why some people can use anger to construct their success but also why some people use danger to destroy their surroundings.

With this neutral principle in mind, both Aries and Libra at this point can be considered neutral signs. Their neutrality is expressed in different ways, which implies that neutrality is not a singular concept. Neutrality is truly subjective. The neutrality that stems from Aries is the neutrality created by the self while the neutrality that stems from Libra is neutrality created by the surroundings.

Family and the Cancer Archetype

The nature and tendencies of family dynamics fall under the archetype of Cancer. Cancer, as an archetype, is a sign that is strongly focused on the past, stability, and comfort.

Parents, whether they are conscious of it or not, can raise their children based on their own life experiences which is essentially their past. The reason why there are strong familial trends in the natal charts of families is because there is a constant passing of past trends from one generation to another. The trend is strong because there is a strong connection to the past, which is ruled by Cancer.

Change is also something that can be seen as a threat for families, which is ultimately a threat to Cancer as an archetype. Cancer strives for comfort and stability, and any change of any sort can shake up a family dynamic. For example, having a parent suddenly losing a job, a kid graduating from high school, the mother having a new baby… These are all events where all members of the family must go out of their comfort zone and perhaps painfully, but effectively adjust to new situations. Going through change in a family can often feel very volatile, as if a structure of some sort will collapse.

This is why families can be private from the outside world. Family can be even be seen as an escape from the world or even be against it. Families, like the Cancer archetype, have a very strong, protective shell to protect itself from change, which is stimulated by the world. However, the Cancer archetype as a cardinal sign will only work well through change, and individual families may struggle to realize that change, although uncomfortable, could be the only thing that can save its existence. The changes in the world around them constantly challenge the strong values, foundation, and base established in the family. These challenges can either destroy or make a family stronger.

The actual workings of a family can truly be a mystery for anyone. Like the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer, the family is always constantly changing within itself. The idea of family is often fluctuating and fluid, just like emotions. In a way, this can help a family adjust to any sudden changes brought onto them, but it can also bring a struggle of stability. This is why families can be quite shaken up when a change comes onto them because there is already a sense of change and fluctuation within the family itself. There is already a simultaneous sense of stability and instability and having a polarizing, hard to understand characteristic while having a major change can be quite terrifying.

The Difference Between Oppositions and Squares

You can find the difference between aspects in how the signs work with each other. It can be really hard to solidly tell a difference between an opposition and a square, since they can bring similar, disharmonious effects. However, this does not mean their effects are exactly the same.

An opposition is composed of two sister signs… but what is the actual composition of an opposition? In order to have an opposition, you need two signs that share the same polarity and mode, but are different in their elements. For a square, you need to have two signs that differ in polarity and element, but share the same mode.

The effects of oppositions and squares are quite different. For an opposition, there is often an emphasis of two sides. Instead of functioning like a single, powerful unit, like a conjunction, the two planets involved in an opposition will often go into opposite directions to achieve the same motive. You can see that the signs involved in an opposition have the same motive because they have the same polarity and mode. With the same polarity, opposing signs will have their motive take place in the same environment, which can either be external (masculine) or internal (feminine.) With the same mode, the two opposing planets will go at the motive with the same energetic method. This does not mean the actual method will be the same, but the framework of the method will be. The actual method will differ through the elements and the rulerships of the signs involved. Many of the signs that are opposing each other are also ruled by planets that have massive archetypal differences, which drives the disharmonious differences in an opposition. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of conflict while Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony.

It’s also important to note that the two opposing planets will also take place in opposing Houses in the natal chart since the planets must be 180 degrees away. The reason why there is such a polarizing pull from an opposition is because the planets involved in an opposition are involved in two Houses that are focused on seemingly “opposite” subjects. A good example is the 1st and the 7th House. The 1st House is focused on the self, while the 7th House is focused on the other – both are tied to relations and identity.

For a square, there is the feeling of a “block” between two planets in two different signs. One planet will try to express itself, only to be blocked by the other planet and vice versa. There can be a lot of tension with a square aspect, for the native can often feel restricted from doing what they seek to do. Often, for planets involved in a square, there is often a feeling of knowing how to channel your energy (due to the same mode) into a certain task, only to find that the actual energy required to get to the task are in two completely different environments, which is why a square feels very tense. For example, Scorpio is square to Aquarius. Both signs would like to remain stable, yet persistent in a certain subject (since they’re both fixed,) but Aquarius would like to gain this stability through rationality (air) in the outside environment (masculine,) but Scorpio would rather gain this stability through emotions (water) in an inside environment (feminine.) Due to the different polarities and environments involved, there’s a conflict. It’s hard to accomplish a task involving two different environments and methods. It’s important to note that the squares take place in Houses that are 90 degrees away from each other, since a square is 90 degrees between two planets.

Often, you’ll find that the Houses involved are often subjects that strive for the same goal, but through different ways. A good example is the 1st and 4th House. The 1st House represents your identity, while your 4th House represents your family. Both you and your family strive to invest in your success, but you can find that your family will want something different from you, even though the end goal is success. This is why people can sometimes feel that the family is a threat to their identity.