The Spotlight in Relationship Dynamics


The spotlight changes between the 7th House and the 8th House when it comes to relationships of all kinds. With the 7th House, the spotlight is not on you, but your partner. It’s a time of initiating opportunities to discover and learn about each other. The 7th House rules the spark of start one-on-one interactions. The 7th House is after all naturally ruled by Libra, a cardinal sign. While the spotlight is on the partner, there’s a lot to see. A lot of things to like, a lot of things to dislike. However, even if the spotlight is on the other person, you still exist in the darkness. You react to your partner from the darkness and they react in their own way in the light. Even though you’re not seen, what you give to your partner is what you get. This is called projection an this can occur when you’re self-unaware because the spotlight isn’t on you.

However, all of that changes with the 8th House. The spotlight turns to you the moment you want to make the relationship deeper. After being in the dark for some time, the light is painfully blinding when it hits your eyes. The blinding light in a sense can represent the pain of intimacy. Intimacy is shown in the 8th House and it can either bring the best or the worst out of you. With the 8th House, there is a sense of having unwanted exposure. There are parts of yourself that are now seen out in the open, whether you want it seen or not. You are exposed in a painfully genuine way. If you and your partner reject the flaws that are presented, the relationship will end. If you and your partner accepts the flaws, then the relationship gets stronger. The 8th House is after all naturally ruled by Scorpio, a fixed sign. After sightseeing qualities of a person in a relationship, you take those qualities and accept them for who they are. Or, you can throw those qualities out the door and cause the chaos Scorpio is known for.

This process happens in terms of different perspectives. To you, your partner is in the spotlight 7th House) and eventually, the spotlight comes onto you (8th House.) To your partner, the opposite occurs – with you in the spotlight and your partner in the dark. With this simultaneously occurring, in a relationship, the two people are simultaneously lit and hidden. This is why you notice so much about the other person, but maybe not yourself. The whole picture will be shown eventually, but how the people are shown will affect everything, for how the people are shown will affect the relationship dynamic, which is illustrated by the 7th and the 8th House.



So in astrology, the 11th House represents your friends and community, and the 1st House represents yourself. The 4th House represents your family. It’s almost like astrology has something to say about the various types of people we encounter in life.

So where the hell are your enemies?

Information about your enemies can be found in the 7th and 12th House.

7th House – For the sake of understanding, many people like to mention that the 7th House is the house of relationships, and nowadays, relationships usually have a romantic connotation that comes with it. While it’s very true that the 7th House can show information about our more committed relationships, The 7th House actually rules over more than just romantic relationships, and enemies are included. The enemies in the 7th House are the people you meet at first, either thinking they’re great but in the end, you can’t stand them. In other words, these people are your open enemies. You know these people don’t work well with you. Looking into the sign that rules the 7th House and the planets in it can give you insight about your open enemies. It’s also important to note that the Descendant is the cusp of the 7th House. The Descendant is the opposite of your Ascendant, which is YOU. Oppositions can cause attraction, but problems which can manifest in many relationships, hence the 7th House, the House of romantic all relationships.

12th House – If the Descendant is across from your Ascendant, in full view for you to see, then the 12th House rules your secret enemies since it is behind your Ascendant, in other words, you. These are the people you don’t see sabotaging you. These are the people who will subconsciously hurt you. The 12th House is the house of secrets and the subconscious after all. These are the people you won’t know you clash with until it’s too late, or the people you clash with and you just don’t know why. Again, checking the sign at the cusp of the 12th House and the planets in the House will also give characteristics of your secret enemies.

Saturn: Tough Love


Saturn is that one planet that can make people cringe, or beam with adoring eyes. But anybody who’s studied astrology can tell you that Saturn is one of the most important planets in astrology. Saturn represents many things in a natal chart:

  • Your father – Saturn can tell you various qualities about your father through your sign, and especially house placement and aspects!
  • Challenges in life – Where Saturn is located shows where you will have challenges in your life. The sign can also give insight, but it is often generational. The challenges you face due to Saturn are also karmic. Saturn wants to teach you something in this life because you probably didn’t do so well in a past life.
  • Radical change – Every 30 years, Saturn returns to ruin your life teach you a very important life lesson and to rebuild your life to have a fresh start. This lesson is called your Saturn Return. It is said to mostly affect the house your Saturn is in. Saturn Returns are known to be painful, but also life-changing in a good way.
  • Seriousness – The house, in other words, the area of life your Saturn is in is the house where you will take very seriously. This seriousness can also manifest quite literally! Saturn can also show the responsible side of even the most immature individual!

So how does Saturn exactly affect your natal chart? Saturn can affect you in the following ways according to the house it’s in:

1st House: Your father will be significant in establishing your identity. You could have issues figuring out who you are, and this is a serious issue for you. You could look serious literally and take on qualities of a Capricorn Rising – quiet, reserved, and responsible. Those with Saturn in the 1st House can be seen as intimidating and put-together.

2nd House: Your father will greatly affect your finances which can manifest in many ways. He could also be very significant in your self-worth. Money and values is something you take very seriously. You could also have challenges with money. Those with Saturn in the 2nd can be seen as stingy, but you’re thrifty and responsible with your money.

3rd House: Your father will greatly significant in how you think and communicate with others. People could find you intimidating when you talk. Your siblings could have Saturn/Capricorn influences. You may face struggles with your inner thoughts, and you take them seriously. Those with Saturn in the 3rd like to have serious discussions.

4th House: Your father will be very important in your family life. Your family and upbringing will be very important to you. You may face struggles within your family. You may have had to take on responsibilities in your family. Those with Saturn in the 4th House may have grown up in a cold, harsh environment that very much represents the outside world.

5th House: Your father will be very significant in your hobbies, children, and perhaps your casual dating life. You tend to have a serious outlook on your interests and you can even push those interests away to finish your work rather than have fun and play. Those with Saturn in the 5th could have fathers who’ve had multiple affairs.

6th House: Your father will be important in your everyday life, health, and work. You tend to take your health and work seriously, but you also tend to overwork. Perhaps you put too many things on your plate. You could struggle with your health. Those with Saturn in the 6th House tend to be very disciplined with their habits.

7th House: Your father will be significant in the relationships you have. Those with Saturn in the 7th tend to go for a person who has qualities of their father. You will also take your relationships seriously, but you will also struggle to find a relationship that will work for you. People with Saturn in the 7th House usually marry later in life.

8th House: Your father will be significant in the major life changes you will go through in life. You tend to be serious about topics that are shoved under the rug such as sex, life/death, and more. Those with Saturn in the 8th can struggle going through major changes in life. You tend to be serious handling any joint finances with others.

9th House: Your father could be significant in your beliefs and education perhaps, but he could also be busy, constantly traveling. With Saturn in the 9th House, you tend to struggle finding a belief system that works right for you. You are very serious about your beliefs, and you’re quite responsible when you’re traveling far from home.

10th House: Your father could strongly affect how you see the world, your image, and your career. Those with Saturn in the 10th House tend to be successful later in life. You want to be seen as a very serious, responsible person, and you could try to find positions of power in your job. You want to be independent and practical in the world.

11th House: Your father could be strongly involved in a community or is very involved in the betterment of humanity. In your circle of friends, you may be seen as the responsible, intimidating one, the person to go to for the “serious” things. You could struggle with finding your true friends and the right community, or you could struggle learning to be a good friend.

12th House: Your father could’ve been absent, which can manifest literally, or maybe in parenting. It also implies an abusive use of substances. With Saturn in the 12th, people in public could struggle taking you seriously. You are only truly serious when you’re by yourself or when you’re vulnerable. You tend to like working behind the scenes.

Interceptions: A Guide


Some background information:

Before I get into the topic of interceptions, how interceptions come to be requires some background information about natal chart systems. In the Placidus house system, every sign takes up 30 degrees in a chart, but houses can vary in size, being very large or small. House sizes vary more as the you go farther from the equator. With that being said…

What is an interception?

Due to the varying sizes of the 12 Houses, an interception happens when a sign is entirely engulfed inside a house. When this happens, a sign isn’t present at the cusp of the house, meaning that certain sign will not rule over the house.


So if you look in this chart here, you can see that Leo and Aquarius are both engulfed in a house, the 1st and 7th House. When you have an interception, you will always have two signs intercepted, and those two signs are sister signs. The same also applies to houses. You will always have two houses intercepted. There is no such thing as having only one sign intercepted or having only 1 house intercepted. You will also notice that Mars and Uranus, NOT Neptune are intercepted.

So I have an interception. What does this mean for me?

Having an intercepted sign means that this sign has no rulership over a house. Every sign is supposed to rule a house, but this wouldn’t be the case if you had an interception. An interception shows a lack of balance in your chart, and you’re missing your intercepted sign in particular. It shows no development in your sign. Some say it is a karmic issue where you have to make effort to bring that intercepted sign in your life properly, but whether you believe in karma or not, an intercepted sign can give you a lot of struggles in your life. These struggles vary greatly depending on your sign and where the house is. With an interception, the missing sign feels like a gaping hole you are trying to fill because you were born with it. Literally.

Interceptions in the Signs

The best way to think about interceptions is considering the sister sign pairs and what they represent, with their unique characteristics. Being aware of each sign’s distinct lessons and qualities will help you understand what the effects of an interception will have – when those lessons and qualities are absent from your life.

Aries//Libra – Aries is the sign of assertion, the sign of taking and independence while Libra is the sign of equality, fairness, and teamwork. With Aries intercepted, it will be hard for you assert yourself and to be independent. Action is difficult for you. Perhaps it’s difficult to find your identity, and you might struggle knowing who you are. When you do try to do things, it just happens wrongly and awkwardly. You don’t have a sense of who you are. And since you don’t know who you are and what you have and lack, the effects of a Libra interception will come into play. If you don’t know who you are, how will you work well with others? How will you work well with others, when you struggle to work well with yourself? With a Libra interception, you will struggle to equalize giving and taking – either taking too much or taking too little. You lack the balance Libra represents. You will struggle working and compromising with the people you face in your life, and relationships were out of the picture at this point, due to the fact that you don’t work well with others.

Taurus//Scorpio – Taurus is the sign of love, beauty, security, and stability, the sign of standing your ground when times get tough while Scorpio is the sign of transformations, and taboos, the sign of looking into the dark insides of your soul, embracing everything within. With Taurus intercepted, it’s hard for you to feel secure. This insecurity can manifest in a lack of material comforts like food and sleep or perhaps a lack of self-esteem. You may feel unloved or ugly, or you never got the love and confidence that you needed from others. Due to this, you could find yourself hoarding or spending impulsively, trying to fill the void you’re uncomfortably familiar with. Since there’s an excessive action of filling, and a lack of emptying, the effects of a Scorpio interception will come in. Due to the excessive fills and gains of your life, you will be devastated the moment you face a loss. You will be so involved in your security, you will never get out of your comfort zone to embrace solitude, and the dark sides of you that you try to push away due to a lack of self-esteem.

Gemini//Sagittarius – Gemini is the sign of the mind and intellect, the sign of learning while Sagittarius is the sign of learning and traveling, the sign of teaching. When Gemini is intercepted, your mind is perhaps choked and bound by the people around you. Curiosity killed the cat, and the cat in this case is certainly you. The answers to your questions were never answered, and your thoughts were usually suppressed or not taken seriously. With having thoughts concealed, the effects of an intercepted Sagittarius will follow. When you have Sagittarius intercepted, the ability to explore is taken away from you. Since you’ve never been able to express your thoughts, you never got to learn from your mistakes. It’s hard for you to open your mind and take risks and chances, since your mind was never appreciated in the first place. And when you go into the world with such a mind, you can struggle seeing other perspectives and views because you never got to express yours. It’s hard for you be optimistic during hard times.

Cancer//Capricorn – Cancer is the sign of the home and emotions, the sign of nurturing while Capricorn is the sign of the world and ambitions, the sign of responsibility. When Cancer is intercepted, it can difficult for you to express your emotions in a smooth, effective manner. Many times, your emotions can come out in explosions – problematic outbursts. “Home” is an elusive item you’ve never really had. You might’ve not considered the place you lived at as home. There was a lack of comfort and safety that you deeply wanted. Constantly lacking nurturing and care will cause the effects of a Capricorn interception. With Capricorn intercepted, it can be hard for you to chase your dreams and to be responsible. Since nobody comforted you or showed they believed in you, you feel powerless to the world. The world feels cold like the world you were raised in and you will struggle to make a mark in the world. Since you never felt accepted at your “home,” you really don’t know where you belong. There are so many things you want to do, but you feel like you aren’t capable.

Leo//Aquarius – Leo is the sign of creativity and excitement. It is the the sign of shining under the spotlight, and showing your talents to the world. Aquarius is the sign of humanity and innovation. It is the sign of doing the quirky, showing your progress in humanity to the world. When you have Leo intercepted, you can find yourself never being praised for your talents. You could feel like you didn’t have a right to show yourself off, and perhaps you felt like you had nothing to show off after awhile. And with constant discouragement, your creativity runs low. After all, why be creative with your ideas when it’s going to be crushed? Being stuck in a creative block and wanting to hide from the spotlight will transition over to the effects of an Aquarius interception. With an Aquarius interception, you will struggle to show the weird, quirky side of yourself since you didn’t get praised for showing the best sides of yourself. If anything, you want to be “normal” so you don’t get called out. However, everybody has their quirks, and yours can come out quite unexpectedly.

Virgo//Pisces – Virgo is the sign of order and routine. It is the sign of your daily reality and work. Pisces is the sign of your dreams and spirituality. It is the sign of fantasies. When you have Virgo intercepted, order goes out the door. The only routine that works well for you is your own, even if it ends up not being conventional for the long run. Perhaps people tell you that your way isn’t the right way, or perhaps you do that to others. There is however an aura of criticism and harsh judgment regardless. Being broken in routine and criticized will transition to the effects of a Pisces interception. When Pisces is intercepted, you will struggle to see reality and fantasy. You will struggle to see what’s real. You might find yourself with impractical dreams with impractical plans due to your Virgo interception. After all, if you struggle to make order in your reality, how will you make order in your dreams? A Pisces interception will also bring a disorganization and confusion to you. You can easily be deceived by others or yourself.

Interceptions in the Houses

The houses where the interceptions are located in are the areas of life most affected by your interceptions.

Interception in the 1st/7th House – You will see your interception manifest in your identity (1st House) and all of your relationships (7th House.)

Interception in the 2nd/8th House – You will see your interception manifest in your self-worth and money (2nd House) and major life changes and secrets (8th House.)

Interception in the 3rd/9th House – You will see your interception manifest in how you think and communicate (3rd House) and how you teach and believe (9th House.)

Interception in the 4th/10th House – You will see your interception manifest in your home and upbringing (4th House) and your interactions with the world and career (10th House.)

Interception in the 5th/11th House – You will see your interception manifest in your creativity and hobbies (5th House) and your friends and community (11th House.)

Interception in the 6th/12th House – You will see your interception manifest in your everyday work and health (6th House) and your subconscious and spirituality (12th House.)

Interceptions in the Planets

Not only can signs and houses be intercepted, planets can be intercepted too! If you have a planet that happens to have a sign that’s intercepted, chances are, the planet’s intercepted! However, you always should check your natal chart and see if the planet’s actually intercepted.

Having a planet intercepted can be quite significant, especially if one of personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and/or Mars) are intercepted, considering that they’re a strong part of who you are. When you have a planet intercepted, there is little to no development of that planet in your life. And often, people with intercepted planets deeply (perhaps subconsciously too) want to channel such planets when they’re blocked.

Sun Intercepted – The Sun rules over Leo, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know our ego, how we are overall, and what talents we may have. With an interception, all of this is blocked and muted. A person with an intercepted Sun can suffer from not knowing their potential and talents. You may have numerous impressions from people that don’t describe who you really are. You are likely to be introspective.

Moon Intercepted – The Moon rules over Cancer, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know our emotions and nurturing. With an interception, those with their Moon intercepted can struggle handling their emotions. They can feel like their emotions are locked away, and when it’s going wild, they can only sit and watch. Perhaps having your Moon intercepted means you’re stuck in the past, constantly to your past to be cared for.

Mercury Intercepted – Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know our mind, our logic, and how we express our thoughts. With an interception, people with an intercepted Mercury can be misunderstood. It’s hard for them to clearly express their thoughts, and it’s difficult for many to understand their different, complex mindsets.

Venus Intercepted – Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, and it’s the planet we go to when we want to know what we love, and what we attract. When an interception, Venus intercepted natives can struggle to enjoy what they love around others. What attracts them can be different from others. Love can be an idea that doesn’t cross their mind, or an idea they can struggle to reach.

Mars Intercepted – Mars rules over Aries, and it’s the planet we look at when we want information on our energy, passions, and drive. With an interception, a Mars intercepted native could be scared of asserting themselves or it’s just difficult to do things. Anger and energy are items they can’t control, so they can express such things in an erratic way.

Jupiter Intercepted – Jupiter rules over Sagittarius, and it’s the planet we look at for luck, success, and beliefs. When this planet is intercepted, luck and success are things the native can be unaware of. Luck and success can come in weird ways. The native can struggle to really believe in something, and their morals can be quite nebulous and hard to form.

Saturn intercepted – Saturn rules over Capricorn, and it’s the planet we look to for what we are responsible and serious about. With Saturn intercepted, it can be hard for the native to be responsible and practical. Maybe they have random spurts of practicality. Natives with this interception can also be very harsh on themselves when they make mistakes.

Uranus Intercepted – Uranus rules over Aquarius, and it’s the planet we look to for what we want to change, and what we’re innovative in. It’s certainly hard for a person with a Uranus interception to truly fit in. They can struggle to find the right people to be with, due to their interesting and unique quirks. It can be hard to a Uranus intercepted native to bring their weird side out.

Neptune Intercepted – Neptune rules over Pisces, and it’s the planet we look to for spirituality and creativity. When Neptune is intercepted, it can be hard for a native to see personal boundaries. They struggle to find the boundaries of what’s respectful to themselves (and others!) and what’s real and what’s not. Perhaps they’re creative in ways people can’t understand.

Pluto Intercepted – Pluto rules over Scorpio, and it’s the planet we look at when we want to know what we’re secretly good, yet obsessive at. Those with a Pluto intercepted could feel powerless to the world around them. They don’t really know what to deeply seek for, and if they do, it’s hard for them to do so. Obsessions and secrets are usually repressed in this person.

♡ love in the stars ♡



Hello! Have you been stuck when it comes to love? Do you ever struggle wondering what you want? Well, to know yourself well on the romantic side, here’s some things you could look at on your natal chart!

Note before I start: Venus and Mars, like the Sun and Moon are two differing planets that brings balance when brought together. Venus is a feminine planet while Mars is a masculine planet. I will mention below that Venus is how a female will primarily pursue someone while Mars is how a male will pursue someone. I am strictly only mentioning that with the assumption that females will express feminine energies while males will express masculine energies, since they identify with the female and male genders. Now, in this world, there are certainly more than two genders. If you happen to find yourself to be a gender that isn’t male or female, work with Mars and Venus together and find which interpretation works best for you. Also, if a woman has strong masculine energies in her natal chart, involving Mars in how she’ll pursue someone is a great possibility. The same would go for a man who has a lot of feminine energies in his natal chart.

Now, let’s really begin.

  1. VENUS. Venus, the planet of beauty and romance. Probably the best place to look for when it comes to romance! Here are some places to look at when it comes to Venus:
    • THE SIGN. Your Venus sign tells you what attracts you romantically, and how you would act in love! This is especially true for girls, since it is a feminine planet! What you want in a first date would be expressed by your Venus!
    • LOCATION. The house where your Venus is located will mix and work together with the sign of your Venus! A lot of people can think their Venus is expressed as a certain sign, but when you put it into a different house, you could express your Venus in a different way, depending on which sign rules the house your Venus is in. The House that your Venus is in can show where and how your romance can manifest, implying that the location of your Venus could show where you’ll most likely meet your love interests in a literal sense.
    • ASPECTS. Aspects can certainly change how you express your Venus. Aspects show that there are outside factors (other planets) that can affect what you find attractive and how you express your love.
  2. MARS. Whether you connect love and sex or not, Mars is very important, especially if you’re a guy, because Mars is a masculine planet. It also rules how you will flirt with the person you like. Mars also shows what you’re like in the bedroom. Here are the places to look at when it comes to Mars.
    • THE SIGN. The sign of your Mars will tell you exactly how you will express yourself when you want to pursue someone or have sex. Mars shows how a guy will usually pursue you in love. How you would like things to go down in the bedroom is something that can be found with Mars.
    • LOCATION. The House where your Mars is located will mix and work together with the sign of your Mars. The location of your Mars on your natal chart can change how you express yourself sexually, and where you’re most likely to pursue someone.
    • ASPECTS. Aspects can certainly change how you express your Mars. Aspects show that there are outside factors (other planets) that can affect what you find sexually attractive and how you express your sexuality.
  3. PLUTO. The deep, intimate side of sex  is one of the things that Pluto gives insight to. Look at the sign of Pluto and what house it’s in to gain some insight in what kind of secret intimacy you want to have with your partner. The house Pluto resides in is more important than the sign of Pluto (but you still need to look) due to the fact that Pluto is a generational planet, meaning that people in the same generation can have the same sign. Also pay attention to any aspects your Pluto can make.
  4. JUNO. Your Juno gives insight to what you want in a partner for the long run, and what your life partner could actually be like! Check the sign and House your Juno resides in. However, since Juno is considered an asteroid, it can be seen to be significantly less important than the planets. Juno is a good asteroid to look at when you want to find very refined details about what you’d like in a practical partner in the long run.
  5. PSYCHE AND EROS. These are your “sex” asteroids. While Mars is kind of a little general, telling you about your energy, passion, your masculine side, and your anger, your Psyche and Eros signs will give you more insight into how your love interest could be in the bedroom. You don’t need an exact birth time, but you do need your love interest’s birthday. Once you find it, compare your Eros sign to your partner’s PSYCHE sign. Don’t pair your Eros to their Eros or vice versa, since Psyche and Eros are a pair.
  6. SYNASTRY. Synastry is perhaps one of the closest and most accurate attempts to illustrate the dynamics between two people. Unlike simple compatibility (which I highly dislike,) synastry is way of looking at a relationship between two people by taking two natal charts and putting them on top of each other. From there, there are some things to pay attention to:
    • CHART OVERLAYS. Chart overlays are important in synastry because a chart overlay can show how a person’s planet will affect another person’s area of life in their natal chart.
    • ASPECTS IN THE SYNASTRY CHART. The aspects you find in the actual synastry chart is very important. It paints a picture of how a couple will exactly attempt to work with each other in a relationship. The aspects are made from one person’s planet, to another person’s planet. The planets that are making aspects can create various “roles” the two people can play in a relationship.
  7. COMPOSITE CHARTS. Unlike synastry, composite charts don’t focus on the two individuals, but more on the relationship itself. Composite charts are created by creating the midpoint of your placements your partner’s placements into a chart. The nature of your relationship when you two are together are mentioned here, and how people will think of your relationship will also be mentioned! While synastry is more “romance” based since it goes very deeply into the inner workings of two people, you can do a composite chart with your friends. You can create a chart from more than two people, so might as well do your whole squad!
  8. DAVISON RELATIONSHIP CHART. The Davison chart is a technique many modern astrologers use today to find the current dynamics of a relationship. Like the composite chart, the Davison chart shows the nature of the relationship between two people. However, calculating the Davison chart is different from the composite in the sense that the midpoint date between the two people is used to make the chart, rather than the midpoint of the two people’s placements in their natal charts. The Davison Relationship Chart is often called “The Birthday of a Relationship,” since the relationship receives a natal birth chart just like an individual. The chart’s exact birth time can also show how the first meeting between two people went. This is also a chart you can perform transits and progressions on, so you could also see how a relationship could progress in a relationship. However, this does not determine the future state of your relationship in any specific way.
  9. THE 5TH HOUSE. The fifth house strictly rules dating, and other fun, not-so-serious affairs, like a one night stand. How you are when you’re looking for a casual romantic relationship would be mentioned here. Pay attention to the signs, planets, and aspects made to the planets in this house if you have any.
  10. THE 7TH HOUSE. The seventh house strictly rules marriage and the long-term partnership in your life! Things like serious relationships and marriage will be mentioned here! Pay attention to the signs, planets, and the aspects made to the planets in this house if you have any!
  11. THE 8TH HOUSE. Like Pluto, the 8th House can show you insight into how you would like to get intimate with someone. While this intimacy can manifest as sex, sex is not the only way of getting intimate with someone. Do be aware that the 8th House does not JUST rule sex, but other life-changing transformations.
  12. THE DESCENDANT. The Descendant is the sign that rules the cusp of your 7th House. The Descendant gives insight to what you want in a partner, but also how what you want in a partner could eventually be problematic in your relationship.
  13. THE SUN-MOON MIDPOINT. While the Venus-Mars midpoint could give you a good idea for compatibility, I personally the sun-moon midpoint is better when it comes to compatibility. All you gotta do is look up your sun-moon midpoint on and find the sign! Whatever sign is your sun-moon midpoint, you’ll find comfort and feel attracted to anybody who has personal planets in your sun-moon midpoint, even if they’re not attracted to you! However, do pay attention to tight aspects made between your sun-moon midpoint to another person’s personal planet.
  14. VERTEX. The Vertex is known as the “secondary” Descendant and could give more insight to what you want in a partner. Just look up your vertex on, and you’ll find the sign. Like I mentioned earlier, pay attention to any tight aspects made between your vertex and another person’s personal planet.
  15. NORTH AND SOUTH NODE. If you’ve ever felt that “deja vu” moment when you talk to a certain someone, maybe one of your planets is conjunct to their North and South Node. If you have a strong connection to someone in your South Node, they could have connections to you from a past life. If you have a strong connection to someone in your North Node, this person will most definitely help you in the what you need to do in this lifetime.
  16. THE ELEMENTS, POLARITIES, AND QUADRUPLICITIES. The elements, polarities, and quadruplicities are not only a helpful way for you to understand the signs, but it is also a great way to simply figure out simple compatibility. However, I do not recommend this method in the long run, because to simply organize compatibility in these three categories can ultimately generalize compatibility in a relationship, which is not optimal. It’s important to stay open-minded while determining the compatibility between two people while using astrology.

In fact, it’s ultimately up to you to do whatever you want. If ANY of these things on the list rules against what you want in love, GO FOR IT ANYWAY. Astrology is ultimately supposed to guide, not to dictate what you do.

Speaking of guides, I hope the post was a good guide to get you guys started on the complicated subject of love. Love is certainly complicated, but with the right tools, you can always make progress in understanding yourself and others.