Jupiter in the 12th House


The 12th House can often simultaneously represent freedom and imprisonment at the same time. Our dreams and subconscious, free, but also contained spaces are represented in the 12th House. Prisons and hospitals are often represented in the 12th House because prisoners and patients are restricted to stay in the building, but they are free from the brutality of the societal norms outside.

For those with Jupiter in the 12th House, the subconscious is not a prison, but a playground. It is a retreat, a place to escape, but also a fun place to discover. With that being said, those with Jupiter in the 12th like to spend a lot of time to themselves because they have the most fun when they are in solitude. They feel as if they are free to escape into themselves and not worry about the burdens of the world around them. Due to this, they can often feel weirdly distanced from others, for they feel their subconscious, their place of refuge, feels like a different world.

The outside world can often feel like a prison for these natives while their private self feels like freedom. Jupiter is the planet that shows what talents easily comes to us in the natal chart, and with Jupiter in the 12th House, people with this placement may feel that their talents are often brushed away. People with this placement can often feel that they aren’t showing their full potential because they are not allowed to. The native can also be unaware of their talents, so therefore, they can either be directionless or will follow a path that doesn’t truly utilize their skills.

The skills and talents that come with this placement lies in spirituality and intuition, for these are the items covered in the 12th House. Their talents lie in a realm that may not be considered realistic or societally applicable, for their skills are most effectively applicable for situations that are expansive, unstructured, and subjective… These are characteristics of items that expand beyond the daily workings of society. Individuals with this placement would often be gifted in subjects that expand beyond the daily workings of reality such as religion and philosophy. People with this placement are skilled in thinking beyond what meets the eye, for they are easily to give deeper meaning and reason for how life works. Jupiter in the 12th natives can be great teachers due to this.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. Jupiter is the planet that can twist circumstances for abundance, for better or worse. Those with this placement can be lucky in the most unknown cases. It is often said that those with this placement can have a guardian angel watching over them, since bad events often do not occur due to unknown, but lucky circumstances. However, due to this luck, some individuals with this placement may push their luck, for they don’t often hold the painful weight of consequences until it’s too late.

The subconscious mind of Jupiter in the 12th House is constantly expanding, and with expansion, there is a need to fill the mind with knowledge. There is a deep fascination with the world, for there is often a deep need to discover and learn new things. Hope and beliefs is hidden, but strong in these individuals. After all, they can perceive the world to be a place with limits, and their hope and optimism drives them to go beyond the limits they see. Optimistic wisdom is often naturally present in these people, and their words can often be surprisingly profound.

The lesson that often needs to be learned with those with Jupiter in the 12th House is to find freedom in all places, while still acknowledging the workings of reality. Instead of constantly escaping from the real world, those with this placement can learn to create their own freedom with the optimism and hope found within them. As the planet of Jupiter, natives with this placement often create the most positive opportunities when they choose to use their talents to sacrifice and help others.

Those with this placement are gifted in giving hope to others and providing a different, insightful perspective due to their expanding mind. It can be hard at first for natives to apply their talents into the real world, but through these struggles, they can learn to heal others by expanding their minds positively and encourage thinking what is present beyond the naked eye.

With self-awareness, those with this placement can naturally become wise and profound individuals. At their worst, those who are aware of their secret talents and skills can use this to overly inflate their ego, subconsciously justifying the existence of their skills to consider themselves higher than others. With this inflation of the ego, natives with this placement can struggle to root themselves to reality, failing to realize that everyone, regardless of their gifts, are students.

The Offensive and Defensive


Inspired by this quote by Linda Goodman

Where Aries and Scorpio rules in your natal chart shows where we are defensive and offensive. Aries shows where you are defensive, for Aries rules the defensive part of combat with Mars. Scorpio shows where you are offensive, for Scorpio rules the offensive part of combat with Mars. In a sense, Aries can often show where you feel vulnerable while Scorpio can show where you feel powerful potential.

Looking where Mars and Pluto are in your chart can often explain why we protect ourselves, whether it be through offense or defense.

If you have an Aries/Libra or Taurus/Scorpio interception, you may feel as if you have a weakness. With an Aries/Libra interception, you may feel defenseless and vulnerable with no walls while with a Taurus/Scorpio interception, you would feel powerless and weak with no weapons. To find your source of protection and power, you would have to look at your Mars and Pluto, depending on which sign is intercepted. With duplications, you may feel as if you have too much protection. With an Aries duplication, you can feel highly defensive with many walls to protect you while with a Scorpio duplication, you can feel highly offensive with too many weapons at your disposal.

Aries Ruling the Houses + Mars in the Houses

You get defensive when you feel that people are threatening your ___. You feel that you will ___ if you don’t defend yourself.

  • Aries ruling the 1st: self-expression / not be able to express yourself the way you want to
  • Aries ruling the 2nd: values and confidence / not be able to feel secure
  • Aries ruling the 3rd: words and intelligence / be seen to be intellectually inferior
  • Aries ruling the 4th: family and roots / not be able to feel comfortable with your beginnings
  • Aries ruling the 5th: your fun and passions / not be able to easily access your inspirations
  • Aries ruling the 6th: daily life / not be able to get through your day
  • Aries ruling the 7th: one-on-one interactions / not be able to establish good relationships with others
  • Aries ruling the 8th: secret self and tendencies / not be able to truly gain intimate acceptance from others
  • Aries ruling the 9th: beliefs and views / not have a strong sense of direction and purpose in life
  • Aries ruling the 10th: ambitions and goals / lose your power and mark on the world
  • Aries ruling the 11th: friends and community / will not belong anywhere
  • Aries ruling the 12th: inner self / not be able to forgive and accept yourself

You get defensive because you feel that your ___ is/are fragile and/or not creditable.

  • Mars in the 1st: self-expression
  • Mars in the 2nd: confidence
  • Mars in the 3rd: mind
  • Mars in the 4th: comfort
  • Mars in the 5th: inspiration
  • Mars in the 6th: routine
  • Mars in the 7th: relationships
  • Mars in the 8th: dark side
  • Mars in the 9th: beliefs
  • Mars in the 10th: goals
  • Mars in the 11th: community
  • Mars in the12th: subconscious

Scorpio Ruling the Houses + Pluto in the Houses

You get offensive when you feel that people are threatening your ___. You feel that you have the potential to powerfully ___ over any threat.

  • Scorpio ruling the 1st: self-expression / express yourself
  • Scorpio ruling the 2nd: values and confidence / assert your security and self-esteem
  • Scorpio ruling the 3rd: words and intelligence / communicate
  • Scorpio ruling the 4th: family and roots / have peace
  • Scorpio ruling the 5th: your fun and passions / utilize your inspirations
  • Scorpio ruling the 6th: daily life / organize and analyze your life
  • Scorpio ruling the 7th: one-on-one interactions / work with others
  • Scorpio ruling the 8th: secret self and tendencies / empower yourself
  • Scorpio ruling the 9th: beliefs and views / expand your mind
  • Scorpio ruling the 10th: ambitions and goals / establish yourself
  • Scorpio ruling the 11th: friends and community / transform your sense of belonging
  • Scorpio ruling the 12th: inner self / utilize your subconscious tendencies

You get offensive because you feel that your ___ is a potentially strong part of you.

  • Pluto in the 1st: self-expression
  • Pluto in the 2nd: confidence
  • Pluto in the 3rd: mind
  • Pluto in the 4th: comfort
  • Pluto in the 5th: inspiration
  • Pluto in the 6th: routine
  • Pluto in the 7th: relationships
  • Pluto in the 8th: dark side
  • Pluto in the 9th: beliefs
  • Pluto in the 10th: goals
  • Pluto in the 11th: community
  • Pluto in the 12th: subconscious

Mars in the 12th House


The 12th House can often simultaneously represent freedom and imprisonment at the same time. Our dreams and subconscious, free, but also contained spaces are represented in the 12th House. Prisons and hospitals are often represented in the 12th House because prisoners and patients are restricted to stay in the building, but they are free from the brutality of the societal norms outside.

When Mars is in the 12th House, the energy in this planet is simultaneously trapped, but also free in the subconscious. Passion and energy bubbles inside the native, the passion truly becoming something unique and distinctive with all the free, imaginative space of the subconscious. However, when the walls of the subconscious crumble due to the lack of control on the surface conscious, that passion will go through the cracks and escape the subconscious for a short time until it is captured again.

Passion and anger is a neutral concept and the neutrality of it will change depending on how the native decides to use that passion. Anger, like the subconscious, can slip out of the native when they are not aware. In a sense, this can make anger hard to control, and sometimes, natives can even struggle to know the details of the existence of their anger. The anger that can come out of an individual with Mars in the 12th can feel foreign. A native may ask, “Where did this anger come from?” “How did I get angry?” “Why am I angry?” while trying to figure out their anger, only to find out that nothing, yet everything, angers them. Often, they can either express their anger passive aggressively, or impulsively. Or both. With passion, they can find themselves molding their energy into almost every hobby, but that hobby doesn’t have strong staying power. With that being said, it can be difficult for a native in the 12th House to find a hobby that truly captivates them.

With energy ruled by Mars, it can be hard for the native to work consistently and routinely. With energy located in the subconscious, the native is most active when the subconscious is most active… With that in mind, it would not be surprising with someone with Mars in the 12th was always tired during the day when the conscious, not the subconscious is active. Those with Mars in the 12th can get tired very easily, for energy for them doesn’t come very clearly and easily. Natives often need to spent time by themselves to recharge so that they’re not overwhelmed by the world around them. Often, before the native starts a task, it can be hard for the native to really start, for they already feel like they’re asserting so much even though nothing has been tangibly. However, when it comes to dreams, those with Mars in the 12th are very active. It’s common for Mars in the 12th to have very engaging, passionate dreams. It’s not surprising for those with Mars in the 12th House to also have sexual dreams.

Those with Mars in the 12th House often unintentionally hide their sexual tendencies. Hiding sexual tendencies can often lead to various results. It is possible for people to not “see” the sexual tendencies of these natives, and due to that, Mars in the 12th natives can be seen to be innocent, when it may not be the case at all. Hidden sexual tendencies are also repressed tendencies. With that in mind, some natives can struggle to control their sexual urges, their sexual nature subconsciously revealed through their body language, tone of their words, and other escape routes the subconscious may take. In that regard, individuals with Mars in the 12th House can also be very sexual. When Mars in the 12th natives feel free, that’s when they do their best in the bedroom. However, on the other end, natives could also lack sexual tendencies, and maybe even have an aversion to sexual matters altogether.

The main theme with Mars in the 12th House is to realize that while it may be hard to grasp certain things that can definitely help on a daily basis, the purpose of Mars in the 12th House is not for daily things. While it is difficult for Mars in the 12th House to be consistently active, passionate, and assertive, it should be noted that when the Mars in the 12th native is any of those three things, if mastered, it is seen beautifully. The passion and energy that is manifested in the 12th House are not simple, for they are not made for simple matters. Mars in the 12th natives are able to absorb anger, passion, and energies with others and have the strong potential to heal other through their actions. While the energy of Mars in the 12th is hard to manage, the energy present in the 12th House is also very flexible and helpful to others. Mars in the 12th is a test of using one’s energy – if the native can successfully pass through the tests in the 12th House, the native can most certainly help others.

Neptune in the 4th House

tj-holowaychuk-61722.jpgThe 4th House represents several things: our past, upbringing, and what keeps us comfortable. The 4th House is in the bottom of the chart, and it often provides a strong starting point and foundation for the native to work upon as the native grows up. Planets in the 4th House show the person investing part of themselves in maintaining this foundation.

Those with Neptune in the 4th may not have a truly correct and tangible idea of what their foundation of life is like. The foundations and values they were built up with can be a lot of things, but at the same time, nothing at all. These foundations and values may have been brought up by their family, or through the native’s past experiences. The native’s family and past are often secretive, yet confusing. With this confusion, a lot of the effects the native has gained from their past and family seeps out without the native consciously knowing.

The past of the native with this placement is hazy. The native may not talk much about their family, past, and upbringing because the native doesn’t know the past clearly. If the native does talk about the past, the native can fabricate stories and lies unconsciously, only noticing after the words have spilled from the mouth. Since the past is unclear, the native may be desperate and put on rose-colored glasses, thinking that an inaccurate view is better than no view at all.

There could be thoughts that a false foundation and past is better than none at all. The self after all can be built and strongly influenced by the foundation of the 4th House. If the native does not have a base, how can the native have a strong sense of self? The native can subconsciously and desperately seek for a past and family to cling onto to maintain a sense of self, even if it doesn’t exist. However, with this lack of existence, having Neptune in the 4th can provide the opportunity for the native to develop a foundation that is truly creative and true to themselves.

The family the Neptune in the 4th native may have grown up in was hard to describe. It may be hard for the native to know what was expected of them in the family, since the expectations can go from one extreme to another without the native noticing it. Perhaps the expectations are known, but the native has no idea on how to fulfill those expectations. These expectations depend on the sign ruling the 4th House.

The image of the native’s family can be very hazy for the native. One of the parents may have worked hard to maintain a certain image or ideal, and if the image and ideal wasn’t fulfilled, the parent may have tried to cover up that fact by putting on rose-colored lenses. Perhaps the native saw their past and family through rose-colored lenses. After all, secrets were never told, and a beautiful image may have been strongly maintained for the sake of tangible existence.

The arts may have been a strong factor in the native’s family. Perhaps one of the native’s parents was artistic, creative, and compassionate. The parent may have been influential in an understated manner or through the undercurrents of the family dynamic. However, one of the parents may have had a strong use of substances. Those with Neptune in the 4th may have had to take care of one of their parents due to the parent being unable to care for the native. One of the parents may have been very secretive and also manipulative, often making a strong tie to the native. There is often a strong tendency of victimization throughout the family.

Those with Neptune in the 4th House may dream of a home, past, or upbringing they never got. Perhaps they know what their past and upbringing looks like. They may dream of a comfort that doesn’t exist, a home that is impossible to realistically implement. Having Neptune in the 4th House can provide a native a strong base to be creative, sacrificial, and loving to others. However, the native can struggle to establish boundaries in other areas of their life, since they were raised in a life with little to no boundaries in the first place.

Workings of Fires and Passion


Fire is the element that represents our passion and energy. The fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) often express themselves on the energetic plane. Fire is blazing hot to the touch, and is often seen to be destructive. Fire is often an element that is seen to be strong and intimidating.

But fire requires more support than one would think. Fire first needs to be supported by some sort of fuel (example: wood) and air. This implies that a lot of the passion fire signs have need to have a motive: when they need air and something tangible (like wood) the passion has to be supported by a real-life situation (earth) and the mind (air.) If a fire lacks one or both of these items, the flame will go out.

What the fire signs rule over shows what parts of ourselves need tangible and logical support. Aries rules survival, anger, and courage. You must have a quick mind and a strong, stable cause to effectively fight for something you’re passionate about. Leo rules the ego and creative expression. You must have a constantly inspired mind and a stable medium to successfully express yourself. Sagittarius rules the art of exploring and having fun. Your mind must be open and flexible and you must have a intriguing medium to explore on.

However, when the passion is too strong, when the fire is too difficult to control, it can cause destruction if they have the proper materials. Forest fires are devastating, for they destroy whole ecosystems, only to have ashes remaining at the end of it all. However, this passion can be destroyed by water. Water is the one element that can extinguish the destructive passion of fire. Water and fire are both elements that are passionate, but with water, there is a sense of awareness about a world that isn’t always easily tangibly seen: emotions and intuition.

Water signs are able to function with using their intuition. They don’t need something tangible to validate their expression, while fire needs to survive out of something tangible to keep itself alive. This is why negative emotions can kill passion. Sometimes, people are at a depressive rut with that they’re passionate about due to their negative emotions. To get that passion back, they most definitely need to invest mentally and tangibly to get back on their feet.

However, fire isn’t forever destructive. When fire destroys, it also simultaneously creates. The forest it burns to the ground is indeed gone, but through the nutrients, through the inspiration provided to the soil, there is a chance for new, better life to grow. With passion, there is always a chance to start fresh.

The Contradiction of the Subconscious


It’s often said that prisons and hospitals are represented by the 12th House. It can be said that prisons and hospitals are physical representations of the subconscious, since the subconscious is also represented by the 12th House. Prisoners and patients are often bound to the buildings due to powerful and binding obligations. These obligations can often feel suffocating to the point where many people try their best not to stay for too long. However, even though prisoners and patients are trapped in a single, restrictive building, they are free from the direct brutality of social norms. It’s almost as if a hospital or jail is another different world.

The 12th House can be hard to understand because it is simultaneously free, but restricting at the same time. Those with planets in the 12th often feel trapped, but at the same time, they may or may not have the knowledge that they have a very strong energy that can either make them or break them. Whether this energy helps or breaks them often depends on how the energy is managed… and managing this energy can be difficult at first.

With the subconscious, people are free, yet trapped at the same time. You are free to think whatever you want in your head without facing consequences from the world, but at the same time, that freedom is limited, for it can be hard to externally channel whatever lies in your subconscious. The limited nature of the subconscious comes from self-unawareness and the existence of the conscious.

There are at least two times when the subconscious emerges onto the surface: when the natives brings with out with self-awareness, or when the native is out of control to the point where the conscious is unstable. If the release of the subconscious is made with self-awareness, the release can be controlled and manageable. However, if the subconscious is released due to a lack of awareness or control, the subconscious can often slip through sneakily, or extremely. It’s like the prisoner sneaking out of prison, or the prisoner that decides to break through security with immense anger (that can bring a lack of control) so that it can escape by force.

The subconscious is a prison that has limits on the outside, but none on the inside. It is the prison where your inner self has the imagination and opportunity to become something truly beautiful or something truly terrible. Either way, the self that is imprisoned in the subconscious is something the world isn’t prepared for.

Theory: Cardinal Signs and Time


I think it’s really interesting that the 1st House, which represents you, is square to the 4th and 10th House. The 4th House and the 10th House can represent the past and the future. Planets in the 1st can be square to planets in the 4th and 10th House… Planets in the 4th can be geared towards the past or your upbringing while planets in the 10th House can be geared towards your ideal future and goals.

I wonder if it implies that both the past and future can hold you back from being truly yourself. After all, the past and future you are not completely you. Perhaps planets in the 4th House can hold you back in the past while planets in the 10th House can push you to become someone you’re not entirely sure of.

Cancer and Capricorn are both sister signs in the sense that they’re both limiting and restrictive in different ways. Cancer is restrictive with the past in mind while Capricorn is restrictive with the future in mind. Cancer represents the past, for clinging onto familiarity grants emotional safety. Capricorn represents the future, for clinging onto practical ambition grants success. However, emotional safety and success are constantly changing. It’s almost as if these things are impossible to successfully grasp… unless you focus on the present. Focusing too strongly on the past or future can blind you, for you don’t see the whole picture… Even focusing too strongly on the present doesn’t provide the whole picture. Perhaps balancing between seeing the past, present, and future is the way to see everything.

However, this balance is hard to achieve, if not impossible. If Aries and Libra represented the present, then there’s already issues. Both Aries and Libra are square to Capricorn and Cancer. There is a disharmonious block between the present, future, and past. We can probably never see the complete picture, but healthily focusing on each one can help us see a clearer perspective of things.

The past, present, and future are destinations that can help us progress to be better. However, they are never destinations we should never invest into too long because the past, present, and future are too dynamic for establishment. After all, staying too long can again, blind us from seeing what’s really in front of us. The past, present, and future are places to create, reflect, and predict. All of these words are connected to initiation, which is what the cardinal signs, the signs that rule over states of time, represent.