The Spotlight in Relationship Dynamics


The spotlight changes between the 7th House and the 8th House when it comes to relationships of all kinds. With the 7th House, the spotlight is not on you, but your partner. It’s a time of initiating opportunities to discover and learn about each other. The 7th House rules the spark of start one-on-one interactions. The 7th House is after all naturally ruled by Libra, a cardinal sign. While the spotlight is on the partner, there’s a lot to see. A lot of things to like, a lot of things to dislike. However, even if the spotlight is on the other person, you still exist in the darkness. You react to your partner from the darkness and they react in their own way in the light. Even though you’re not seen, what you give to your partner is what you get. This is called projection an this can occur when you’re self-unaware because the spotlight isn’t on you.

However, all of that changes with the 8th House. The spotlight turns to you the moment you want to make the relationship deeper. After being in the dark for some time, the light is painfully blinding when it hits your eyes. The blinding light in a sense can represent the pain of intimacy. Intimacy is shown in the 8th House and it can either bring the best or the worst out of you. With the 8th House, there is a sense of having unwanted exposure. There are parts of yourself that are now seen out in the open, whether you want it seen or not. You are exposed in a painfully genuine way. If you and your partner reject the flaws that are presented, the relationship will end. If you and your partner accepts the flaws, then the relationship gets stronger. The 8th House is after all naturally ruled by Scorpio, a fixed sign. After sightseeing qualities of a person in a relationship, you take those qualities and accept them for who they are. Or, you can throw those qualities out the door and cause the chaos Scorpio is known for.

This process happens in terms of different perspectives. To you, your partner is in the spotlight 7th House) and eventually, the spotlight comes onto you (8th House.) To your partner, the opposite occurs – with you in the spotlight and your partner in the dark. With this simultaneously occurring, in a relationship, the two people are simultaneously lit and hidden. This is why you notice so much about the other person, but maybe not yourself. The whole picture will be shown eventually, but how the people are shown will affect everything, for how the people are shown will affect the relationship dynamic, which is illustrated by the 7th and the 8th House.